Prof. Doron Aurbach

Doron Aurbach is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry, the Director of the Energy Center at the Bar-Ilan University Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA), and the leader of the Israel National Research Center for Electrochemical Propulsion (INREP), which includes 25 research groups from the seven leading academic institutions in Israel. He heads the Electrochemistry Research Group at Bar-Ilan, consisting of more than >40 people. He is undoubtedly the most prominent group at BIU and perhaps the largest in Israel. He also served as the chairman of Israel National Labs Accreditation Authority (2010-2016) and is a past Chairperson of the Chemistry Department (2001-2005). He is the founder and leader of Bar-Ilan university Center of Energy & Sustainability (more than 55 research groups).

Prof. Aurbach has mentored 70 Ph.D. students, 80 MSc students and has supervised 40 post-doctoral fellows. Many of the graduates of his lab have gone on to successful careers in Israeli academia. Several post-doctoral fellows he guided hold academic positions in their countries (USA, Argentina, India, China, South Korea).

Prof. Doron Aurbach’s group collaborates with leading industries in the world related to energy and electro-mobility, including Nichia (Japan), ATL (China the biggest Li batteries manufacturer in the world), BASF (Germany, the biggest chemicals company in the world) during more than 12 years, and General Motors (the USA, the famous cars maker) during nearly two decades. His research group benefits from annual budgets for research of millions NIS.<br><br>

Prof. Aurbach is a fellow of the ECS, MRS, and ISE, a member of the European Academy of Science (since 2015) and serves the electrochemistry and power sources R & R&D Community as a senior editor for the Journal of the Electrochemical Society (since 2003). He also served as a senior editor for the journal of solid-state electrochemistry (2007-2015) and as an advisory board member of the prestigious journal Nature Communication.<br><br>

Prof. Doron Aurbach has won several prestigious prizes, including the Gold Medal of the Israel Chemical Society ICS (2020), Samson Prime Minister Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation (2018) A. Frumkin Medal of the international society of Electrochemistry (ISE) in 2018, A.J. Bard Medal of the Electrochemical Society (2017), Ernest B. Yeager Award of the International Battery Association (IBA) for Career-Long achievements in power sources research (2014), the Kolthoff prize of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, for excellence in chemical research (2013), the Research Award of the Battery Division of the Electrochemical Society (2013), the Israel Chemical Society Prize of Excellence (2012), the Landau Prize for Green Chemistry (2011), the Edwards Company Prize of the Israel Vacuum Society for Research Excellence (2007), the Technology Award of the Battery Division of the Electrochemical Society (2005) and the Israel Chemical Society prize of excellence in research for young scientists (1992).

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