Water Treatment

Our group’s activities cover various research topics with an emphasis on water treatment and renewable energy.
- Development of new electrochemical methods for water desalination and selective removal of hazardous pollutants in water.
- Development of new membranes for nanofiltration purposes.
- Development of cutting-edge technology for disinfection of surfaces, skin and spaces.
- Efficient technologies for CO2 capture from air.
- Innovative approaches towards hydrogen production.

The “water team” group have published over 40 papers and holds 5 patents. The members of the groups attended international conference around the world.
The “water team” had recruited over 6 million NIS the last five years from research grants.
The “water team” collaborates with groups around the world, University of Beihang (Beijing), Yale University (US), Max Planck institute (Mainz, Germany), University of Kentucky and with the local industry and the ministry of science.

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